Regenerative Medicine and Technology

Maastricht University

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Краен срок за кандидатстване: 01.05.2024

Do you enjoy science and engineering and would you like to apply it in medical applications? Be one of the first students for this new and unique English-taught bachelor’s programme, where you learn to develop methods that trigger the body to repair or renew itself. With a bachelor’s degree in Regenerative Medicine and Technology you gain all the multidisciplinary knowledge and skills needed to design and market innovative solutions in healthcare.

The rapidly growing field of regenerative medicine is an upcoming field where science and technology meet to design and develop new medical therapies based on regeneration. It can help treat damaged tissue or attempt to heal certain chronic diseases and not merely treat its symptoms.

With a combination of science, engineering and medicine you can for example study how tissues and materials interact and how this can enhance the regeneration process.