Какво е да си студент в специалност Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and technology?


Представяме ви Елица Липовянова. Тя е студентка в Avans University of Applied Sciences и изучава Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology (ЕSSET). Елица е много доволна от избора си на специалност и университет. Има страхотни впечатления от програмата, преподавателите и начините на преподаване в Холандия. Щастлива е, че може да се среща ежедневно с хора от различни националности и се чувства страхотно в международната среда. Ето какво споделя тя за програмата и впечатленията си:

Elitsa Lipovyanova 2

"I have always been interested in environment and the knowledge it contains. The fact that there is a programme that can give me this knowledge about different environmental issues and their mitigation really intrigued me.

The programme is made in a way that pushes you to give your best during every day of the year which only helps you to improve your skills and enlarge your field of knowledge. You can also experience working in groups on projects, and on your own. Also whenever you may have questions about anything, the lecturers are always there to help.

What I really like and enjoy about the ESSET programme is that you can meet people from all over the world - literally! Breda is also the city for students not only to study but to experience a variety of events and parties in the company of your new international friends! "