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Краен срок за кандидатстване: 15.01.2024

Researchers Combine AI and MRI to Decode Human Thoughts

The human brain may look like a simple mass of jelly, but it actually is an amazingly complex network made up of billions of neurons and other cells. This network is responsible for how we experience and interact with the world. Are you curious how the brain perceives, feels, remembers, and behaves? Do you want to discover how habits and lifestyle choices can be implemented to improve brain health? Do you want to contribute to better treatments for brain diseases, like dementia and Alzheimer’s? Are you ready to unlock the power of the brain? Then the bachelor Brain Science is the right programme for you!

To truly grasp how the brain works, you need to understand many things at once. In this one-of-a-kind bachelor’s programme combines the captivating fields of psychology, biology, math, and computational science. Mastery of these fields is required, because processes on all these levels are happening simultaneously when we think, feel, act, remember, or perceive.

The idea of combining different perspectives on the same brain functionality is called ‘transdisciplinarity’. With this unique approach, a bachelor’s degree in Brain Science will make you a truly transdisciplinary brain scientist.