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Holland is one of the most flexible countries in Europe in the field of the student's jobs. In Holland almost all students have part-time jobs; it can be a job from an employee in the McDonald's until a serious job in a technical company in Eindhoven.
However, UNIFY always advices its students to look for a job after the first year of study, because the first year is vital for the student and it is a time when she/he gets used to the environment around and new study subject. We also warn our students that finding a job may not be an easy task, because most of the employers expect their employees to speak Dutch.
We can provide to our students a list of websites and agencies where they can look for a job. 

Study Grant

Study grant is a grant which you receive from the Dutch government in case you are a student from EU country and you have a job. You can apply for supplementary grant of maximum 383 euro per month and free OV kaart. If you require any further information for the grant, please feel free to contact us.

When a student receives all these benefits and his salary from the employer, than she/he is able to finance his studies without any help from her/his parents.