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What are the MYTHS about studying in Holland?

- The education in Holland is expensive.
It is not, the tuition fee is only 2006 euro per year, and there is possibility to pay it in installments and to get a student loan. The daily expenses are not more, than in any other country in Europe.

- I have to learn Dutch in order to study in Holland.
Choose between the great variety of educational programs in English on our website! And no, you do not have to speak Dutch in order to live in Holland, because everyone there speaks English.

- The application process is hard.
The enrolment is only by documents, you do not have to pass any exams. We UNIFY, inform you about every small details in your application process.

- I have to be an excellent student at school.
No, having excellent marks is not mandatory for most of the programs.

- I will feel alone if I will study in Holland.
Making friends is easier in Holland, than anywhere else in the world. Why? Because in an international atmosphere, no one can feel lonely.