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Medical Biology


Is your passion linked to the human system? Are you interested in the workings of the brain, or would you be the one that bridges the different understandings of fundamental biological processes and health & disease in humans? Your choice could be Medical Biology!

Where studying Biology starts with a fascination for life, Medical Biology shares this trait and specifies it towards the human system. Master's program focuses on molecular and cellular life processes of fundamental biology and medical research.

Radboud University program is unique because it is a combination of fundamental research and translation of findings into clinical applications. This is facilitated by close cooperation with the University Medical Center.

The program offers the following specializations:

(At the beginning of the first year all students follow an orientation course before choosing a specialization)

Clinical Biology: clinical biology is closely related to medical biology. This specialization has its main focus on clinical problems at the molecular and cellular level and extends to research in clinical research of the University Medical Nijmegen University (UMCN).
Keywords are: pathology, anatomy, molecular oncology and gradual, human genetics, metabolism, transport, mobility.

Functional Genomics: This specialization focuses on the functional, molecular and genetic aspects of development and differentiation, StemCell biology and disease. Specialization is closely associated to Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences (NCMLS). Research groups involved in NCMLS are housed in huge research tower equipped with the necessary research facilities, allowing students of medical biology to carry out basic and preclinical research with maximum efficiency

Neuroscience: Students approach neurobiological research questions from either a human physiology, molecular, neurophysics or neuroinformatics point of view by directly studying human subjects or through application of cell and animal models and a wide variety of fundamental, quantitative and medical research tools. Students will specialize during their internship, together with researchers from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. The Institute is the largest inter-faculty Institute Radboud University and covers the full range of research "from molecule to man" and trying to understand the mind and the brain: 100000000000 neurons with 100,000 km relations between them, with a storage capacity exceeding that of supercomputer. The internship has strong multidisciplinary character- students from different fields work together with biologists, chemists, physicists, doctors and social scientists at the Institute Donders.

Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Duration: 2 years

Start month: September

Possible careers: Researchers and degree-komapanii; Supervisors of clinical trials; Consultants, Lecturers, Teachers;

Specializations: Clinical Biology, Functional Genomics, Neuroscience

Application requirements:

  •  Copy of ID card;
  • Completed Bachelor's program in Medical Biology or related fields (original and translated into English);
  •  A description of the courses;
  • Motivation letter (future plans + what research you want to do);
  • Recommendations;
  • Brief description of previous practical laboratory work;
  •  Website link (description of the school, teachers and subjects for example English, French or German)
  • Proof of proficiency in English;
  •  IELTS certificate with a minimum of 6 points; TOEFL Internet version at least 80; TOEFL computer version 213; Cambridge Advanced rated "C".

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