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Social Psychology


Social Psychology is a master program in English at Tilburg University.
This master program in Social Psychology focuses on both individual and group behavior in formal and informal social contexts.
It studies how people behave in their social surroundings and what influences this behavior. Particularly problems related to consumer behavior, work and organizational behavior and decision making in social, economic and organizational contexts are important themes in this master's program.

The track Work and Organizational Psychology concentrates on science based solutions to human problems in work and organizational settings. It aims to understand how to achieve each of the following objectives: optimizing performance, improving processes and relationships, enhancing fairness and equity, and increasing subjective well-being.

Economic Psychology studies the psychological mechanisms that underlie consumption and other economic behaviors. It is an area where psychology and economics intersect. It deals with economic preferences, choices, decisions, and factors influencing these, as well as the consequences of economic decisions.

Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands

Duration: 1 year

Tracks: Work and Organizational Psychology, Economic Psychology

Main Subjects: different for each track

Possible careers: at an academic level in research, communication, policy, consulting, human development and organization development in private, semi-private or governmental organizations

Admission requirements:
• Bachelor's and/or Master's degree in Psychology
• Legalized translation of the diploma (if not in English)
• Bachelor's or Master's thesis or an essay completed during your studies
• TOEFL with minimum 90 score or IELTS with minimum 6.5 or CAE or CPE
• Motivation letter
• CV
• Copy of your thesis or research paper
• Checklist (questionnaire)

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