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Global Communication


Global Communication is a master program in English at Tilburg University.
Modern life is seriously affected by globalization. Between cradle and grave you encounter thousands of situations in which you interact with people who do not share the same background as you. We are more mobile, fewer of us stay in the same place for all or most of our lives and our everyday contacts span many different social groups. In addition, the internet gives us unlimited access to people and information and enables us to communicate without being constrained by time and place. These aspects of globalization have made societies 'superdiverse'.
Living in a superdiverse world requires a flexible and expansive communicative repertoire. You need to be sensitive to variation in communicative behavior across social groups and across different settings, including offline and online modes of communication.

In the master Global Communication the aim is to understand the communicative challenges of life in times of globalization and superdiversity. This entails knowing about the phenomena to which globalization gives rise, knowing about how people acquire and use the communicative skills one needs to succeed, knowing what roles education and policy making plays in this, and knowing about how all this contact between cultures or sub-cultures affects the people who it concerns.

Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands

Duration: 1 year

Main Subjects: Language, globalization and superdiversity, Linguistic and cultural change, Life online

Possible careers: PR coordinator, public communications specialist, (web)editor, communications coordinator

Admission requirements:
•Bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline, such as general Culture Studies, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Religious Studies
•Legalized translation of the diploma (if not in English)
•Bachelor's or Master's thesis or an essay completed during your studies
•TOEFL with minimum 90 score or IELTS with minimum 6.5 or CAE or CPE
•Motivation letter

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