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Media and Entertainment Management

The Creative Business: Media and Entertainment Management programme teaches you how to manage an entertainment production and gives you the opportunity to interact with leading people in the industry. We are a close-knit international community and our culture is one of co-creation, self-empowerment and shared responsibilities. In year two, you will join our student-run company in order to experience what it is like to work on an entertainment production from beginning to end. Experienced professionals supervise your personal development and the content of this programme.

The programme in a nutshell
During this programme, you will deal with questions from the professional and global field of media and entertainment. Through projects, courses, training sessions, company visits, guest lectures and masterclasses, the emphasis will be on the practical side of television, film, radio, music, events, music, interactive media and gaming.

During the first two years, you follow a broad programme that covers the fundamentals of the international entertainment business. You will learn everything about marketing, research, project management, legal aspects, concept development, entrepreneurship and the entertainment management. You will also explore the different disciplines that form the media industry. In the third year, you will do your internship and take specialised subjects that relate to the professional field. Examples are events, film/TV or music. In the second half of year four, you will focus on the graduation phase.

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Location: The Hague

Duration: 4 years

Application documents:

- ID card (scanned, both sides)

- Academic Transript (original plus an English translation) or if you have already obtained your high school diploma (original and a legalized English translation)

- IELTS minimum 6 in all the components; TOEFL minimum 80 in all the components; CAE or CPE

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