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The English-taught Bachelor of Chemistry at Radboud University is a broad, multidisciplinary science programme involving lots of practicals. As a Chemistry student, you learn how to work with molecules to give them the right properties – whether for mobile phone displays, painkillers for headaches, or paint for decorating your room. Studying Chemistry in Nijmegen involves more than just theory. It’s a truly hands-on programme where you get to discover and make a wide range of applications.
If you are interested in the properties of molecules and how they react with one another, Chemistry is the programme for you. You will learn to understand or improve existing processes and to predict reactions. Armed with this knowledge, you can create new substances and materials, or come up with solutions to a wide range of problems.

Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Duration: 3 years

Main subjects: Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Thermodynamics, Quantum mechanics, etc.

Career prospects: As a Chemistry graduate you can get straight down to work after finishing your studies as there is virtually no unemployment among chemists. Companies are constantly seeking young talent and the education sector is in desperate need of teachers. You can work in: Universities and research institutes, Company R&D departments, Business services, Educational institutions, Non-profit services

Application requirements:

  • Academic transcript in English and native language
  • Motivation Letter
  • CV
  • registration (UNIFY will make this one for you)
  • Copy of ID
  • TOEFL with minimum 80 score, IELTS with minimum 6, CAE with minimum C grade or CPE with minimum C grade

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