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ICT & Technology

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ICT & Technology is a professional bachelor program in English at Fontys Eindhoven, which focuses on writing software for devices like television, watch, elevator or even heart-defibrillator. Students will learn about the complete software life cycle:
• Translate the requirements from future users into a software design
• Implement the software design with a programming language (e.g. in C# )
• Test the code and write user manuals
Fontys will train them to become an expert in software development, especially in the so-called embedded software. This programme leads to the International Bachelor degree Information & Communication Technology. With knowledge learned from this study program students will be able to find a job very easily in a technology-oriented, international company in the Netherlands.

Eindhoven, the Netherlands,

Duration: 4 years

in the third year (second semester) in an international company

Main Subjects: Programing in C#, Databases, Mathematics, Computer Systems, Embedded Software, Networking, Operating Systems, Middleware

Admission requirements:

• Academic transcript in English and native language
• Motivation Letter
• registration
• Copy of ID

For more infomation about the Informationa and Communication Technology program, please CLICK HERE.