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Marketing Management - International Marketing

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International Marketing is a broad 4-year bachelor programme. It prepares you to react to the needs of customers in an international environment by offering subjects such as market research, marketing law, consumer behaviour and e-marketing. You will also found your own company in a project called Mini Company. In this project you will work in various positions in a real company. A good marketer is a great networker. That’s why you will do a lot of group assignments during the course. In the end it’s about your qualities, so you will be tested individually in exams. As an International Marketing student you will gradually transform into a marketing expert with experience in working in an international environment. The study programme includes two internships which you can complete in the Netherlands or abroad. You will gain further international experience on our campus where you will meet lots of students from over 50 countries!

Location: Venlo, the Netherlands

Duration: 4 years

Placement: in the third year in an international company

Admission requirements:
• Academic transcript in English and native language
• Motivation Letter
• Reference letter
• registration
• Copy of ID

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