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Asian Business Studies

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Asian Business Studies is a professional bachelor program in English at Avans University, part of the program International Business. The Asian Business Studies major focuses on the emerging Asian countries. Knowledge of ethics, culture, language, consumer behaviour and the Asian economy will those who follow this program an Asian business specialist.
Avans will teach students about Asian history and culture. About business models, distribution structures and consumer behaviour, focussing on the Asian market. Chinese is the main business language in Asia. Students will receive intensive tuition in the Chinese language and culture, provided by Chinese lecturers.
Students will spend 1 semester at one of Asian partner institutes of Avans, and they will do a work placement and final assignment with a company active in the Asian market.
Upon completion of the course, students will be granted the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration.

Breda, Netherlands

Duration: 4 years

in Asia or at company linked to Asia

Main subjects: Finance, Marketing, Law, Economics, Intercultural Management Chinese, Asian Geography and History, Asian Distribution, Statistics, Business Structure in Asia, etc.

Possible careers:
Business development officer, Account manager, Marketing manager, Export manager, Fund manager, Communications officer, Trade marketing representative, Human resource manager

Admission requirements:

  • Academic transript in English and native language
  • Copy of birth certificate in English
  • CV
  • Motivation Letter
  • Reference Letter
  • registration
  • Copy of ID

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