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Scholarship and Study Loan


There are very few scholarships available at each university, and most of them are for students from non-EU countries. You can inform yourselves about these scholarships at the website of the university of your interest or visit

Study loan

The loan, which the students could use to pay only their tuition fees still exists. The conditions for it are:

If you parents are not able to pay your tuition fee, then you can get a student loan for the maximum amount of the tuition fee. This loan is not given from a bank, but from the Dutch Ministry of Education, and because of this reason is with a very low interest (lower than 1%).This kind of student loan is given for bachelor and master degree students. If you require any further information for the additional requirements in order to get this loan do not hesitate to contact us.


Supplementary grant


Students from EU countries can apply for supplementary grant of maximum 383 euro per month and free OV kaart. Study grant is a grant which you receive from the Dutch government in case you are a student from EU country and you have a job If you require any further information for the grant, please feel free to contact us.

When a student receives all these benefits and his salary from the employer, than she/he is able to finance his studies without any help from her/his parents.