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Rankings of the universities of applied sciences in Holland

Keuzegids HBO


Keuzegids is an independent league table designed to help students make the best choice about where to study. It compares and evaluates the quality of all 'hbo' degree programs in the Netherlands. Keuzegids HBO 2016 contains a description and critical evaluation of about 1200 bachelor's programs. The main criteria for evaluation are program's success rates, expert opinions from the accreditation of programs, and student opinions taken from the results of the NSE (National Student Qustionnaire), employment rate after graduation, facilities, communication between lectors and students.

This is how Keuzegids large universities ranking look like in 2016:

University Location Quantity of programs Overall score
Avans UAS Breda 63 67
Windesheim UAS Zwolle, Flevoland 67 65
Hanze UAS Groningen 51 63
Fontys UAS Brabant, Limburg regions 102 62,5
Saxion UAS Enschede, Deventer, Apeldoorn 55 61,5
HAN UAS Arnhem, Nijmegen 69 61,5
The Hague UAS Hague 39 58
Rotterdam UAS Rotterdam 64 58
HU Utrecht Utrecht, Amersfoort 64 56,5
Amsterdam UAS Amsterdam 58 54
Inholland UAS 7 locations 91 51

This is how Keuzegids medium sized ranking looks like in 2016:

University Location Quantity of programs Overall score
 1. CHE  Ede  10  70
 2. NHTV UAS  Breda  13  69
 3. HZ UAS  Vlissingen  22  67
 4. Zuyd UAS  Zuid, Limburg regions  36  60,5
 5. HKU  Utrecht  12  60
 6. Leiden UAS  Leiden  21  59,5
 7. Stenden UAS  Leeuwarden, Emmen  24  58
 8. Van Hall Larenstein  Leeuwarden, Velp  16  54
 9. NHL  Leeuwarden  51  53



Elsevier rankings


The Dutch edition Elsevier each year publishes a rating of the universities of applied sciences in Netherlands. The result of each universities is given duo its position in NSE (National Student Qustionnaire). The rating mainly evaluated the Dutch taught programs in the universities, but for those students, who are interested in programs in English it is an useful overall on the reputation of the Dutch universities of applied sciences. We also have to mention that the program might be not so objective, because it does not evaluate the quality of the programs, facilities and lectors of each university. Because of this the final score of each universities does not necessary represent the quality of its specific programs, which can score higher in other ratings.

The ranking for 2015 year looks like this:

  Large Medium Specialized
1 Windesheim UAS Avans UAS NHTV UAS
2 HAN UAS Hanze UAS Viaa
3 Fontys UAS Leiden UAS Amsterdam School of Arts
4 Amsterdam UAS Stenden UAS HAS School of Arts
5 Rotterdam UAS Zuyd UAS Utrecht School of Arts
7  Inholland UAS The Hague UAS Ede UAS
8 HZ UAS Codarts School of Arts
9 NHL UAS HKU University of the Arts
10 CAH Vilentum UAS
11 Van Hall Larenstein UAS