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Ranking of the national higher education systems

COVER Universitas 21

The Universitas 21 Ranking is the only one in the world to assess national higher education systems, and meets a longstanding need to shift discussion from the ranking of the world's best universities, to the best overall systems in each country. The assessment criteria are in four areas - resources, environment, connectivity and output. Each system receives places from 1 until 100 for each of the four criteria, after which is created an overall position for these four areas. The best 10 educational systems in 2018 are:

Position Country
2 Switzerland
3 UK
4 Sweden
5 Denmark
6 Finland
6 Netherlands
8 Canada
9 Singapore
10 Australia

The rating continues until 100th position, but we decided to share with you only the first ten positions in the world in order to show you that the Dutch higher education system is among the best 10 in the world. It scores in the top 10 already few consequitive years. The Netherlands received 11th position for resources (volume of governmental and private investitions in the education), 9th position for environment (clarity of the governmental policy and use of resources for education), 4th position for connectivity (quantity of international students and scientific articles in international magazines) and 8th position for outcomes (career perspectives of students, graduated in the country).


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