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Dutch research universities in the world rankings

Shanghai rating


Academic Ranking of World Universities or more known as Shanghai rating is one of the most prestigious in the world for an evaluation of research universities. In the evaluation participate about 1200 universities from the whole world, from which 500 are chosen to appear in the ranking.
The criteria of this ranking are citation index, which shows how many times the employees and the students of the university are quoted in science editions, the quantity of Nobel and other prizes received by the professors, employees and the students of the universities. In 2014 year all 13 research universities in Netherlands were in the top 500, and 4 of them were in top 100.

University In the country In the world
Utrecht University 1 56
Groningen University 2 75
Leiden University 3 82
VU Amsterdam University 4 98
Radboud University 5-7 101-150
Amsterdam University 5-7 101-150
Wageningen University 5-7 101-150
Erasmus University 8 151-200
Delft University 9-10 201-300
Maastricht University 9-10 201-300
Eindhoven University 11-12 301-400
Twente University 11-12 301-400


QS Top Universities Rating

qs lion

QS World University Rankings currently considers over 3000 institutions, and ranks more than 800. The rankings compare these top 800 universities across four broad areas of interest to prospective students: research (academic rating and citation index), teaching, employability and international outlook (quantity of international students and lectors). In the latest ranking of 2014 the Dutch universities have the following positions:

University Position (2015/2016 year)
Amsterdam University 55
TU Delft 64
Utrecht University 94
Leiden University 95
Groninegen University 100
TU Eindhoven 117
Erasmus University 126
Wageningen University 135
Maastricht University 169
VU Amsterdam University 176
Radboud University 177
Twente University 188
Tilburg University 293


Times Higher Education Rating
The English newspaper Times makes this research since 2010 together with Thomson Reuters. The following factors influence the positions of the universities: teaching( the learning environment), research (volume, income and reputation), citations (research influence), industry income(innovation), international outlook(staff, students and research). The results of 2015-2016 rankings are:
University Position (2015-2016 years)
Wageningen University and Research Center 47
Amsterdam University 58
Utrecht University 62
Delft University of Technology 65
Leiden University 67
Erasmus University 71
Groningen University 74
Radboud University 125
Twente University 149
VU University Amsterdam 154

Eindhoven University of Technology

Tilburg University 201-250