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Residence permit

If you are a student from an EU country, you do not need a special residence permit. All you have to do to legitimate your stay in Holland is to register at the local municipality and get a BSN number (citizen service number). This procedure will take place in the first week of your stay in Holland, and you will get special instructions from the university about this. You will need a contract with a landlord, admittion letter from the University and Birth Certificate (translated and legalized) in order to register at definite address.

Rent a Room

Unfortunately, there are no typical dormitories on campuses in Holland, which is common practice in the whole world. There are few possibilities for a student accommodation in Netherlands:

• Apartment-like accommodation, where students share living room, kitchen and bathroom with 1 to 3 students. Each student has its own private room.
• Second type of accommodation is a private bedroom with private bathroom. Kitchen and living room is shared with other students.
• The third option is the most affordable. Each student has its own room and shares bathroom, kitchen and living room with other students on the floor. In this type of accommodation is possible to share premises with up to 10-20 students.

All Dutch universities support first year students in finding a suitable room for them in the first year. Some of them have a platform, where you can book room for yourselves, and some of them search room for you. UNIFY can inform you about your possibilities to find accommodation depending on your university and town.
Average prices on student rooms in Holland for 2014 year:

Amsterdam 416€ Arnhem 336€
Haarlem 416€ Tilburg 329€
Hague 400€ Leeuwarden 329€
Rotterdam 379€ Deventer 325€
Maastricht 359€ Zwolle 325€
Delft 355€ Eindhoven 324€
Leiden 352€ Den Bosch 318€
Utrecht 352€ Wageningen 312€
Breda 350€ Velp 309€
Vlissingen 347€ Heerlen 304€
Nijmegen 344€ Ede 289€
Groningen 343€ Enschede 288€
Amersfoort 342€ Dronten 270€



We advise all students from EU countries to get an EU Health Insurance Card. It is for free and it covers immediate urgent medical help.
If you suffer from any diseases or often have problems with your health, you can get a Dutch public healthcare insurance. Each university offers such insurance for its students and you can pay for it.

Daily Expenses

Living as a student in Holland is cheaper, than being a regular citizen. Student room's costs are usually 300-350 euro per month with all included costs (gas, water, electricity, internet). Food and other expenses are about 150-200 euro.
We advise all students to get a bike during their stay in Holland. This will help you to save some cost on a public transport (one ticket is 3,5 euro), and you will be closer to the Dutch idea.

For more information, please read F.A.Q.