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UNIFY is an international company, based in Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania. UNIFY is NOT an agent, UNIFY is an official representative of the Universities in Holland for the abovementioned countries. That is why all the services of UNIFY are FOR FREE.

UNIFY can help you starting from choosing the best UNIversity For You, the best Bachelor or Master program for you, the successful application process and ending with whole itinerary to the University you have chosen! As we say "From that moment, until the front door of the University!"

What we do for our students:

  • Information about the Dutch education system and the Dutch approach;
  • Information about the leading Universities from Holland;
  • Choosing for a Bachelors or a Masters program;
  • UNIFY can give you the best advice from their own experience, because all the employees of UNIFY has studied/graduated at University in Holland;
  • Comparing your papers with the admission requirements and advise you;
  • Following the application procedure: fill in the forms; examples of motivation letters and CV templates, prepare the documents, send the application package to the Universities in Holland;
  • Information about grants and scholarships;
  • Filling in the whole itinerary from now to the front door of the leading Universities from Holland;
  • Information about landlords of apartments – recommended by the leading Universities from Holland;
  • Information about the costs, costs of living, tuition fee, allowances;
  • Information about insurance requirements;
  • Arranging your itinerary and so transport tickets such as flight(s) and train(s); with the help of Bimec Travel (Touroperator and Travel Agent of UNIFY).

So, if you want, we can accompany you to the front door of the leading Universities from the Netherlands. Literally!

Our help is for free!!! All the above mentioned services are for free, because we are an official representative of the Universities.


So, if you are interested, please contact us and we will start immediately with your itinerary to Holland!