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Important!!! Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, some of the Dutch Universities are organizing Online Open Days or Webinars.

For more information see below 

Avans University of Applied Sciences 13 may 2020 19:00 до 21:00 
Breda University of Applied Sciences 

Web: 07 may 11:00 CEST Master Tourism Management Destination 

Web: 07 may 15:30 CEST Built Enviroment

Web: 08 may 14:00 CEST Leisure and Events Management

12 may 12:00 CEST Online Open Day

Web: 13 may 16:00 CEST Logistics 

Web: 14 may11:00 CEST Game Technology

Web:15 may 15:00 CEST Tourism Management

Web: 15 may 16:00 CEST Master Imagineering

Delft University of Technology 

Web: 19 may Aerospace Engineering

Web:19 may Applied Earth Science 

Web: 19 may Computer Science Engineering 

Web: 19 may Nonobiology 

HAN University of Applied Sciences

9 may 10:00 CEST

10 may10:00 CEST

3 may 18:00 CEST

HZ University of Applied Sciences 

6 may 17:00 CEST Information and Communication Technology

7 may 19:00 CEST Logistics Engineering 

11may 16:00 CEST Tourism Management

12 may 16:00 CEST International Office / topic Accommodation

13 may16:00 CEST Chemistry

13 may 19:00 CEST Master Delta Managment 

14 may16:00 CEST International Business

26 may19:00 CEST Industrial Engineering Management 

Leiden University  online info all programs here
Maastricht University  Virtual Open Day here
NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences  26 may 13:00  CEST General Webinar 
Fontys University of Applied Sciences  to watch online open day here and then select a study program
The Hague University of Applied Sciences 

13 may 17:00 CEST Academy of Masters & Professional Courses 

19 may16:00 CEST General Open Day 

Rotterdam Business School  webinar available in youtube, to watch here
Royal Academy of Art 

Online portfolio reviews:

4 may 18:30 CEST

11may 18:30 CEST

18 may 18:30 CEST

25 may18:30 CEST

22 may 18:30 CEST

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science  28 may
University of Twente  Online Open Day 15 may
University of Groningen  6 - 20 may online presentation all study programs here
University of Amsterdam  Information Evening 13 may 19:30 CEST
Windesheim University of Applied Sciences  Online Open Day, you can watch it every day to watch go here
Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA)

07may Q&A Live portfolio

19 may Q&A Live portfolio

Online Open Day 1 june

Every Thursday Home assigments tricks & tips 

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences 

25 may 14:00 CEST Academic Challenge Hotel Business

26 may 14:00 CEST Academic Challenge Gastronomy

27 may 14:00 CEST Academic Challenge Financial Management 

Join the International Orientation Days! Each University organizes OPEN DAYS for the new students to show them the campus and the city.  

Where? When?
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences 7 March 2020
Fontys Venlo Business School 19 January and 21 March 2020
Fontys Eindhoven Technology&Business 26 January and 21 March 2020
Fontys Tilburg Campus 19 January and 21 March 2020
Avans University of Applied Sciences 4 - 6 Mart 2020
Saxion University of Applied Scinces 29 Jannuary 2020 - Apeldoorn, 22 January 2020 - Deventer, 15 January 2020 - Enschede
NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences 8 February 2020, 3 April 2020
HZ University of Applied Sciences 1 February 2020,  4 April 2020 
HAN University of Applied Sciences Nijmegen: 4  April  2020, Arnhem: 28 March 2020
Inholland University of Applied Sciences 12 February 2020
Hanze University of Applied Sciences 29 February 2020
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences 8 February 2020 and Hotel Management  06 March 2020
Radboud University Bachelor programs 28 March 2020, Master programs 12 March 2020 
Windesheim University of Applied Sciences 10 January 2020 
Tilburg University Bachelor programs 15 February 2020, Master programs 18 April 2020 
Twente University Bachelor programs  12-14 March  2020 , Master programs 12 March2020

** means that dates are not arranged yet. UNIFY will post them as soon as possible.

An Open Day is a great opportunity to get to know the university of your choice. To see and feel if it is the right place for you for the next 3, 4 years.

You can contact us and we will take it from there. UNIFY organizes trips for Bulgarian prospective students who are willing to participate on an Open Day. This means that you are not only going to visit the Netherlands but will meet other prospective students.

What to expect from an Open Day? The most of the universities cover 1,2 hotel stays, airport transfers and food. During the Open Day, you will have the chance to meet students from the same study program that you are going to follow, to speak with Bulgarian students and be able to ask them all the questions that are important for you at that moment.

 Student for one day  

Not able to go to an Open Day, no worries. We can organize for you an individual visit.

• You will have the chance to visit lectures and to spend the day with students from the same study program you are willing to study.

• Meet Bulgarian students who can show you the city, university and tell you a bit more about the accommodation options.

• Such visit can help you to make a choose. If you like the university and feel that it is the right place for you it will help you make a decision.

• UNIFY will provide you with all the available dates and advice you on you visit.

• UNIFY can create an itinerary for you

• UNIFY can book your tickets and help you with accommodation

Currently many low-cost companies are flying to the Netherlands. That makes the fares quite affordable. You can find tickets for less than 50 euro. So do not miss that unique opportunity

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