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Why choose education in Holland?
About the advantages of the Dutch higher education, you can read

Why apply via the services of UNIFY?
UNIFY is not an agent, it is an official representative and works directly with the marketing officers of the universities. We do not make any charges on the students and almost all of our services are for FREE. If you apply directly to the university by yourself, you will have to pay an administrative fee of 82.90 euro.
All of our employees are graduated students from the Dutch universities and because of this reason all information than we give you is from our own experience.

Is the education in Holland only in Dutch?
No, every university offers programs in English. All of the programs, described on
HERE are in English.

How many costs I will have as a student in the universities in Holland?
The tuition fee is the same in each university, because all universities are public. You can see the tuition fees
HERE. About the daily expenses you can read HERE.

Are the diplomas, given by the universities, represented by UNIFY fully internationally accredited?
All of the programs, represented by UNIFY are accredited by NVAO (Nederland's and Belgium Accreditation Association). With the bachelor diploma, received by these universities, you can work anywhere in the world and apply for a master degree at every university.

What is the difference between a Research University and University of Applied Science?
In the research universities usually apply students, who expect to become professors and PhDs. They study only by books and deal only with a theory of a subject. They do not have placements and trainings. They graduate with an academic degree.
The universities of applied sciences prepare you for a professional career. The assignments, on which you will have to work, are taken directly from the industry. You will have at least one semester placement in an international company. When you graduate, you will be prepared to start your professional career on managerial positions.

What are the deadlines for the application?
You can start preparing your documents in already in October. Deadlines are different for each university. You can check the deadlines

What are the application fees?
Applying via UNIFY you do not have any expenses on your application.

Are there any scholarships in the universities?
Most of the scholarships are given to non-EU students, but students from EEA can contribute from reduction of the tuition fee. You can read more

Can I receive a student loan?
Yes, you can. You can read about the conditions of the student's loan

Can I find a job while I am a student?
Yes, it is possible. You can receive additional financial grant if you work at least 14 hours per week. You read more about this

Are there any dormitories in the Dutch universities?
No, it is not common in Holland. Most of the students live in student houses, where each student has his own room. You can read more about the accommodation

How can I find a student room?
All universities support first year students at this process. Some of them have a platform, where you can book a room, and some of them search room for you. We can send to our students a list of websites, where they can search for a room for themselves.

Do I need an English proficiency test certificate?
It depends on the kind of diploma you will receive after your graduation. Consult with us in order to know what to expect. Sometimes students are allowed to apply with any English proficiency test, and sometimes you need to obtain IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge.

What are the other admission requirements?
You can read more about them

What are the monthly expenses for a student in Holland?
Student rooms are usually 300-350 euro with all included costs (gas, water, electricity). Additional expenses for food and travel are about 150-200 euro.

Do I need to buy study books?
No, it is not mandatory. In most cases, students scan/copy those chapters that they need from the library books, because in most subjects you will be using more than one book.

Do I need to speak Dutch in order to live in Holland?
No, it is possible to live in Holland if you only speak English, because everyone in Holland speaks English. If you intend to find a job, then your chances are higher if you speak Dutch. Most universities offer basic course in Dutch for their students.

Is there any internship during my study at the university?
Yes, all programs in the universities of applied sciences contain a mandatory one semester placement in an international company. In most cases, the universities have an open list of job positions for the students, but you will have to apply for them as for real job.

Research universities do not have a internship in their programs.

What is my professional realization after I graduate my bachelor degree in Holland?
Most of the students, who graduate their bachelor degree in Holland in the universities of applied sciences, continue to work after it in the company, where their placement took place. The employment rate right after the graduation (1-2 months) is extremely high in Holland – about 90% of the students directly start work.

Most of the students, graduating from research universities continue with a master degree.

Are there many international students in Holland?
Yes, there are students from all over the world, not only from Europe, but from Russia, Asia, Latin America and Africa. In some universities, the total amount of the nationalities is about 70 different.

How do the international students feel in this environment?
In this international environment you will never feel alone. You can always find friend, because everyone is open. There is no discrimination between different nationalities.

What is the usual weather in Holland?
The weather is very dynamic, because it is close to the sea, and may vary in one day from sunny to rainy. The average temperatures are between 0-25 C. In the last years the springs are really comfortable, summers are really pleasant and winters not cold at all.

Are there any sports at the universities?
Being a student allows you to buy a membership to a gym club with a huge discount.

Are there any extracirriculum activities at the universities?
Yes, there are. Some universities have their own dance and theater groups, even their own online radio. You can also become a part of the student chapter, which organizes different activities for the rest of the students.

What are the teaching methods in Holland?
In Holland no teacher will read you a book in classes and after that will make you repeat it. All lectures are made into presentations, games, quizzes. You can play role games with your fellow students, where someone is a manager, and someone is the angry customer. This teaching method is proven to be more effective, than the traditional teaching methods.
50% of the lectures are professors and 50% are people, who obtain long-term business in the sphere of your study. They can teach you more things from their own experience, than you can ever will read from a book.

What are the ways of travel to Holland?
It is different for each country. The airport in Eindhoven receives flights with Wizz Air and Ryan Air, which are low-cost airline companies. It is the most common way of travel via the students from Europe.

Is it necessary to have a bicycle in Holland?
It is not mandatory, but it will make your life easier, because everything is accessible via bike in Holland and will help you to cut some expenses on transportation and get easy in to the centre of the city (where cars are not allowed). And you will get closer to the Dutch way of live of course.

Can I visit the university, before I am enrolled to it?
Yes, it is possible. Most of the universities organize Open Days for international students, where they will pay for your stay, and you will have to pay only for your transportation. You can learn about the upcoming Open Days

Where can I see some testimonials from students and have a look at the university facilities?
Visit our
Youtube channel. You can subscribe for us in order to first see the new released videos.