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Victimology and Criminal Justice


Victimology and Criminal Justice is a master program in English at Tilburg University. It is the only master's program in Europe and one of a handful of programs worldwide, focusing on victimology.
Victimology can be considered the younger sister of criminology. Its object of study is the position of victims in society. Drawing upon the insights offered by law, psychology, criminology and other social sciences, victimologists look at the consequences of becoming of victim of crime, accidents or disasters with the ultimate aim of setting people on the path of recovery and restoration.
Being the top-notch program in Victimology and Criminal Justice, this master is aimed at motivated students with educational backgrounds in criminology, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology and liberal arts.
The Master aims at teaching students to academically analyze and professionally solve psychosocial, economic, political, and legal problems arising from victimization. It particularly focuses on the victim within the context of the criminal justice system.

Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands

Duration: 1 year

Main Subjects: Current Issues in Victimology, Research Methods in Victimology, Theories and Perspectives on Victimization

Possible careers: at ministries, local governments, victim support or assistance bodies, national, European and international public or private institutions dealing with victims of crime and/or human rights violations

Admission requirements:

• Bachelor's degree in Law, Criminology, Sociology, Psycholog, Anthropology or Liberal Arts
• Legalized translation of the diploma (if not in English)
• TOEFL with minimum 90 score or IELTS with minimum 6.5 or CAE or CPE
• Motivation letter
• CV


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