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Human Resource Studies


Human Resource Studies is a master program in English at Tilburg University.
Many organizations nowadays subscribe to the notion that people are their main assets. Huge amounts of time, money, and effort are spent on people management and employee development in order to improve individual and, ultimately, organizational performance. The master's in Human Resource Studies provides you with a critical understanding of the importance of people for the performance of organizations.
If you are an excellent student and want an additional challenge to distinguish yourself from your fellow students, we can offer you the Extended HRS Master's program (EMHRS). The EMHRS is an extension and deepening of the regular graduate program. It provides you with relevant experiences and learning opportunities to enhance your professional and academic skills and knowledge.

Within this Extended Master, we offer three different tracks:
1.International Comparative HR
2.Professional Traineeship
3.HR Analytics


Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands

Duration: 1 year

Main Subjects: Seminar Human Resource Studies, HR Metrics & Valuation, Organizational Change, Personal Skills

Possible careers: HR manager, HR adviser, consultant, researcher, policy-adviser for personnel and organizational issues

Admission requirements:
•A Bachelor's and/or a Master's degree oriented towards work, personnel and organizational issues e.g. Human Resource Studies, Business Studies, Organization Studies
•Legalized translation of the diploma (if not in English)
•TOEFL with minimum 90 score or IELTS with minimum 6.5 or CAE or CPE
•Motivation letter

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