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Art, Media and Society



Art, Media and Society is a master program in English at Tilburg University.
This specialization in Art, Media and Society focuses on the transformations that cultural products undergo as a result of digitalization and globalization. In this program you will analyze how digital cultural products and artefacts critically reflect societal issues, such as the financial crisis, the rise of populism or the 'tyranny of intimacy' of social media. Furthermore, you will investigate the public impact of activities carried out by a range of different authors and artists. You will use theories and analytical tools to understand what is at stake here. Central questions are: How can art reshape the public sphere? What are new dimensions of information in the current public sphere?

Tilburg, the Netherlands


Duration: 1 year

Possible careers: journalist / columnist, Critic, (web)editor, cultural entrepreneur, programmer of film, theater or debates, media & event manager, teacher

Admission requirements:
•Bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline, such as general Culture Studies, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Religious Studies
•Legalized translation of the diploma (if not in English)
•Bachelor's or Master's thesis or an essay completed during your studies
•TOEFL with minimum 90 score or IELTS with minimum 6.5 or CAE or CPE
•Motivation letter

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