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Environment and Society Studies

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Title/degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Duration: 1 year (60 EC), full time
Start month: September
Language of instruction: English

Learning how contemporary society deals with its physical environment and how you can help enhance sustainability in the economy, society and politics

How can we work towards a sustainable future? There are plenty of new sustainable technologies, smart governmental instruments and new ideas on organising the market to become more sustainable, but we don’t use them very often. Why is that? What can we learn from cases in which societal change in other countries has been successful?

This programme focuses on the way society deals with its physical environment. We’ll look at the experiences that countries from all around the globe have had, and we will examine both the best and the worst practices. We’ll examine the role played by markets and governments as well as society itself. You’ll become part of the quest for sustainability. How can we make our economies more environmentally-friendly and how can we change our daily behaviour? By using insights from other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, political science and administration, you’ll get a complete overview of the field.

Our multidisciplinary programme allows you to look beyond borders and you’ll discover what is needed on different levels, from the United Nations to the European Union, from individual countries to the local level. What is the role of the EU in promoting the 20-20-20 Agenda? Moreover, what can people themselves do, for example by setting up and running citizens’ initiatives? In short, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to guide and influence societal transformations towards sustainability.

Master's specialisations
You can choose a specialisation that best reflects your passion for the environment, sustainability and governance. Radboud University offers the following five specialisations in this field:

Global Environment and Sustainability
In this specialisation, you'll study the way complex global sustainability issues are addressed by international governance arrangements, rules and organisations, both public and private. Among the pressing issues are those related to climate change, biodiversity, water quality, the quality of ecosystems and natural resource suppliers.

Corporate Sustainability
The private sector plays a crucial role in shaping our sustainable society. In this specialisation you'll study innovative environmental partnerships, specifically focusing on the role of the societal and ethical responsibility of business and the market with regards to the environment.

Local Environmental Change and Sustainable Cities
In this specialisation you'll focus on the local level of sustainable transformations, in particular the development of sustainable cities and regions. You'll analyse and reflect on sustainable futures, measures and instruments with regard to waste, energy, water, transport and climate-proofing cities and regions.

European Spatial and Environmental Planning
This specialisation will teach you to become a spatial planner who can engage with EU policies, cooperate with planners across borders and coordinate with other sectors such as environment and economic development.

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