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International Business Communication

International Business Communication is a master's specialisation of: Communication and Information Studies program in English at Radboud University.
This specialization combines communication studies, applied linguistics, international management and intercultural communication.
The programme is rated number one in the Netherlands in the KeuzegidsMasters 2013 (Guide to Master's programmes) in the category Communication and Information Sciences.

Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Duration: 1 year

Possible careers: internal or external communication managers or press spokespeople in companies, government departments, health institutions or non-profit organisations; work in marketing communications at multinational companies, as communication trainers for consultancies, as social media managers or as PR consultants.

Main subjects: Corporate Strategy, Data Collection & Analysis in Intercultural Contexts, Global Corporate Communication

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Communication and Information Studies or related area 
  • Motivation Letter
  • Copy of ID Card
  • English certificate:
  • IELTS certificate with a minimum of 7 points; TOEFL Internet version at least 92; Cambridge Certificate CAE or CPE

*If you have completed a bachelor's program in English you do not need a certificate

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