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Business Administration

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Business Administration is a one year master degree in English at Radboud University.

This Master's programme in Business Administration - unlike other similar programmes - emphasises the social processes that constitute organizations. How do social processes determine the ways in which organizations and management operate and perform? This program will help you create a better understanding of the importance of good management.

The program has 6 specializations of which you should choose one at the time of application: Business Analysis and Modelling, International Management, Marketing, Organizational Design and Development, Strategic Human Resource Management, Strategic Management

The Master's specialisation in Business Analysis and Modelling focuses on two aspects of managerial decision making: The individual and social 'biases and heuristics' leading to suboptimal or even low quality decisions; Interventions aiming at improving managerial decision making (group decision support).
The International Management (IM) programme prepares students for a function as an International Manager or an International Professional in the International Business field. The manager or professional is able to make use of a scientific methodological framework to analyse developments in the international external and internal environment.

The Marketing programme focuses on the development and maintenance of relations with both existing and new customers in dynamic national and international markets. After completing the programme, you will be able to answer questions such as: What exactly is a market-oriented organisation and how do we create such an organization? Is it possible to establish relationships with customers using brands and if so, how? What is the role of market orientation in the development of truly innovative products? How do we develop the sales function for an optimal result? What is the role of globalisation in the above issues?

The Master's specialization Organizational Design & Development (OD&D) focuses on interventions in organizational infrastructures in light of their effects on social practices, against the background of the organization's position in society.

The general aim of the Master's specialization in Strategic Human Resource Management is to train students who are capable of scientifically analysing issues involving personnel and organization, and who are able to think about them at the strategic level in an organization.
Strategic Management focuses on strategy processes and their management in organisations in relationship to their dynamic environment. You will become familiar with the fundamental assumptions and research perspectives in the field of strategy.

Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Duration: 1 year

Specializations: Business Analysis and Modelling, International Management, Marketing, Organizational Design and Development, Strategic Human Resource Management, Strategic Management

Basic subjects: Marketing, Strategy and System Theory,Organization Design and System Theory, Strategic Human Resource Management and Business Analysis for Responsible Organizations.

Admission requirements:
• Bachelor's degree in the field of Business Administration
• Cover Letter
• Copy of ID
• English certificate:
IELTS certificate with a minimum of 6.5 points; TOEFL Internet version at least 90, Cambridge Certificate Advanced Level (CAE)

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