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Science Tourism

The Bachelor of Science Tourism The Bachelor of Science Tourism is a three-year joint degree programme delivered by staff from both Breda and Wageningen University. Year 1 and 2 take place in Breda. In the first year you explorethe complex and multifaceted tourism phenomenon from different angles. In the second year you deepen your knowledge of sustainable tourism development. This year includes an international field project in Southeast Asia. The third year takes place in Wageningen and consists of a minor of your own choice and your bachelor's thesis.

During your studies you will move towards increased (educational) independence. This means educational guidance is at its height during the first year and gradually decreases over the next two years.

Location: Breda and Wageningen, the Netherlands

3 years

Main subjects:
Sociology&Tourism, Economics&Tourism, Environment&Tourism, Tourism Geographies

Possible careers:

After your graduation you can continue your education by pursuing an academic master's degree or apply your knowledge to the sustainable development of tourism.

As a Bachelor of Science Tourism graduate, you can find a job in:

  • Strategic Tourism Management
  • Tourism Marketing, Sales & Product development
  • Tourism Policy-Making
  • Tourism Research & Consultancy

Work is carried out from a broader conceptual perspective than that of a future practice-oriented marketeer, project leader or entrepreneur.

Admission Requirements:
• Academic transcript in English and native language
• CV
• Motivational Letter
• Reference letter
• registration
• Copy of ID
• IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 6; TOEFL Internet based minimum 80 or TOEFL computer based 213 or a high school diploma from a language school or gymnasium with an excellent grade in English