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Maastricht University


Maastricht University is the most international university in the Netherlands, stands out for its innovative approach to learning and international outlook. With almost 16,000 students and 4,000 staff, it offers a wide choice of academic programmes, all of which are designed to bring out the best in its students. The university can easily call itself the most international university in the Netherlands, almost 45% of our students and more than 30% of our teaching staff come from abroad. Most of our programmes are taught in English and European and international themes are deeply rooted in research and education. That creates an international atmosphere that's attractive to Dutch as well as international students and employees.

The university is situated in the city of Maastricht (Limburg region), received its name from the river Maas, going through the city.

Maastricht University offers 13 bachelor and 43 master programs in English.

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