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HZ University of Applied Sciences


HZ University of Applied Sciences is situated in Vlissingen and has 4500 students, 400 of which are internationals. It is awarded for the best multidisciplinary university of applied sciences in Holland for 2014. The university's slogan 'where students matter' is put in practice at all time. As soon as you walk through doors of HZ, you will feel at home.
HZ is located on the beautiful Zeeland coastline in the South-West of the Neherlands.
The core values of the university are quality, personal development, mutual respect and professional orientation. Their goal is to develop each student to be able to deal effectively with life in a multicultural society. Through a custom-built, flexible study programme, you acquire the knowledge and skills that will prepare you for a challenging career ahead.
The university is divided into 7 Academies, offering 26 Bachelor programmes. As university of applied sciences ('hogescholen'), HZ works in close cooperation with companies. It does not only provide students with theoretical education but also focusses on the practical application of career-oriented assignments. Professional practice is incorporated in the education by means of internships, applied research projects and practical assignments. Moreover, acquiring practical work experience through internships is an integral part of the study bachelor programmes offered at HZ. HZ bachelor programmes consist of six semesters of theoretical education and two semesters of work placements. This means that when you graduate from the HZ, you have one year experience in company.


In the last Study Guide to Higher Education in the Netherlands (Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs 2011) most of HZ Bachelor programmes have been assessed as being in the top 3 of their respective fields of study. Both the quality and the accessibility of lecturers and the size of students groups are assessed as very positive across the university as a whole. Classrooms, work places and computer facilities are rated as excellent.

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