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Cross Cultural Management and Languages

Cross Cultural Management and Languages is a professional bachelor program in English at Avans University. It is a part of the program International Business.
Cross-cultural Management and Languages teaches its students how to conduct business and be mindful of cultural differences. They will become an intercultural business specialist who speaks 3 foreign languages.
A non-governmental organisation (NGO) for development aid wants to learn the most effective way of fundraising among young families. You research the target group, write a plan and develop a campaign.
A natural disaster has occurred, and relief efforts must begin as soon as possible. You organise the logistics process so that the right goods reach the right place as quickly as possible. Your language skills come in handy here.
You aspire to a career in a non-profit organisation or governmental institution. Languages are a special interest of yours. And you are socially engaged, adventurous and can relate to other cultures. Students will learn English, Spanish and one other language (French, German, Italian or Chinese).Their work placement must be in a country where the native language is the same as one of the languages they have chosen.
Upon completion of the course, students will be granted the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. They will also receive a certificate for the CML major.

Location: Breda, the Netherlands

Duration: 4 years

in the third year in a company that operates internationally in Netherlands or abroad

Main Subjects: Finance, Marketing, Law, Economics, Management and Organization, Sales and Account Management and two foreign languages by choice.

Possible career: Business development officer, Account manager, Marketing manager, Export manager , Fund manager , Communications officer, Trade marketing representative, Human resource manager

Admission requirements:

  • Academic transript in English and native language
  • Copy of birth certificate in English
  • CV
  • Motivation Letter
  • Reference Letter
  • registration
  • Copy of ID

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