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Master of Photography

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Photography is a master program in English at Avans University and it is the only one of its kind in the Netherlands where you can study documentary photography on a Masters level for two years. Students have an international outlook and come from both here and abroad. They are being coached by leading teachers and guest teachers from various nationalities. In an inspiring setting students are trained to become professional photographers who express themselves in a strong visual language.The programme is a place for reflection on and debate about documentary photography. The documentary concept, which is an essential element of photography, is one of the main subjects of discussion and research in the programme. The focus is on new forms of documentary in the relatively autonomous contexts of the photo book, the exhibition, the film or the Internet project.You will learn how to position yourself on a conceptual level in the international professional field. You will meet key figures from the field and, finally, you will present your own project in a professional context. Links with other media such as the moving image, web projects and fine arts are explored in various ways.

Location: Breda, the Netherlands

Duration: 2 years

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in Photography
  • Copy of birth certificate in English
  • Summary of graduation thesis or portfolio of works
  • CV
  • Motivation Letter
  • Reference Letter
  • registration
  • Copy of ID

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