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UNIFY is an international company, based in Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania.
UNIFY is NOT an agent, UNIFY is an official representative of the Universities in Holland for the above-mentioned countries.


All the employees of UNIFY has studied or graduated from an university in Holland. This is the main UNIFY's strategy and USP (Unique Selling Point). Each one can give you all the information about studying in Holland from his/her own experience.

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We are UNIFY, and it stands for: UNIversity For You. Our main task is to help motivated students from the Balkans, Baltics and Eastern Europe with their choice, application process, admission and first steps for studying in Holland.

As you probably have noticed there is a lot of work to do when you want to study abroad. After you are intent on going abroad, your whole life becomes quicksand – it is not stable anymore. Yeah, you want to fly away and you have heard a lot about it, but where to go and what to do? Most of the time after a few months of "Googling" on internet most of the students are even more confused.......and that is a pity and needless.

Most of the time you already know in which direction you are interested in and then you have to determine a country and an academy. And when you have taken your decision there will be a "tsunami" of questions and forms to fill in and all kind of difficulties to solve. That's why you can always rely on UNIFY and ask freely all questions you have.

UNIFY has a small range of Universities, because we want to offer to our students only the best ranked Universities and the programs which are pronounced for number one in their sphere. UNIFY has a personal touch and customer-made solution to each student and parent.


The mission of UNIFY is to be an interesting, leading and innovating service provider within the educational environment. Our interest is the student in our society. It is our ultimate goal to relieve our clients from their concerns by offering them a custom-made solution. Furthermore the human approach towards our customers will be our focal point throughout the year.


To realize the mission, UNIFY wants to:
- Be efficient by using a smart, simple and flat management;
- Be best in class by;
- Being customer-driven;
- Being highly service orientated;
- Delivering the agreed quality;
- Offer its employees a challenging job within a smart organization.