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Radboud University is the best traditional university for 2016!

For fifth consequitive year Radboud University is the best traditional university. This news came out a few days ago. The university won first place among all other Dutch academic universities in the rankings Keuzegids Universiteiten and Elsevier magazine.

Five bachelor and twelve master programs of Radboud are top rated programs in their fields in Netherlands.

NHTV Breda is again top university

After its triumph last year, when it was pronounced the best university of applied sciences for 2015, NHTV Breda now is the best specialized university for 2016 according to Elsevier!

Also, according to Keuzegids HBO, NHTV is the second best university of applied sciences with a difference with the number one institution in only one point.

Three of the NHTV's programs are top-rated programms:

  • International Hotel Management
  • International Game Architecture and Design
  • International Facility Management

The other programs of NHTV like International Media and Entertainment Management and International Logistics and Economics also received positive scores from its students and experts.

New available rankings!

It is the season of the rankings!

To see the results of Keuzegids HBO 2016 click HERE.

To see the results of Elsevier ranking click HERE (scroll down).

To see the results of Times Higher Education click HERE.


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